VTube Token NFT Farm + Guide

We have launched our Gen-0 NFTs on Binance Smart Chain

Update: Our LP tokens have now moved to v2 and so have our farms. Please unstake any v1 LP Tokens and stake them back on v2

Link to the Farm: Unifty

Now we are going to guide how to make the best use of it.

Assumptions going into this guide:

  1. You have the ability to purchase BNB
  2. You have set up a Metamask wallet
  3. You have installed the Binance Smart Chain network on your Metamask wallet.
  4. You have BNB in your metamask wallet on the BSC network

If you don’t have any of those steps fulfilled, please google them. You will find many helpful guides that will guide you.

Now that assumptions are cleared, time to be part of the 4th Moe Revolution.

Step 1: Purchase VTUBE

  1. Go to pancake.toad.network and connect your Metamask wallet with the BSC network selected.

You can skip steps if you use the PancakeSwap link on our website.

2. Go to the “Exchange” tab on the left-hand side

3. In the input tab, select BNB

4. In the output tab copy-paste this contract: 0x25dfe3386525465802af6bfe499ded48017155ad

5. Click “Add” when VTUBE shows up. (It says “Remove” in the picture because I have already added it)

6. Enter the amount of BNB worth you want to buy for. Eg. 1 BNB, 0.5, etc. in the input tab.

NOTE: For the LP tokens, you also need an equivalent value of BNB and VTube Tokens (Say, you have 1 BNB, only buy using 0.5 BNB and keep the remainder with you)

7. Click confirm and you should see VTUBE a confirmation screen on metamask.

8. Click confirm and you will have your VTUBE Tokens

Reminder: Always keep some spare BNB on you for gas

Step 2: Making the LP Tokens

If you don’t know what liquidity or AMMs are, you should look it up first.

  1. Select the liquidity tab on PancakeSwap
  2. You should see an add liquidity button now

3. Click on Add Liquidity

4. Now click “Select a currency” and select the VTUBE which you added in Step 1

5. You are going to need equal worth of VTUBE and BNB tokens, so I hope you only purchased using half of your funds.

6. Now select the amount of one of the tokens that you want to provide (PancakeSwap is smart! It will fill the other amount automatically)

7. Now you will have to approve the tokens and supply them similar to the first step.

8. After supplying, You should have the LP tokens in your wallet as Cake-LP tokens.

Step 3: Staking on the NFT Farm

  1. Go stake the Cake-LP tokens from the previous step in the input box
  2. Sign and Confirm the stake
  3. Now you will start earning points that can be redeemed for the NFTs.

You can also buy some of our NFTs directly for BNB! Please do it to support our development!

We hope this guide helps clear any questions that you might have. For any further questions, our communities on discord and telegram are very helpful and friendly.

Website: https://vtubetoken.moe/

Telegram: https://t.me/vtube_token

Discord: https://discord.gg/Ycr2g7kMg6

Looking forward to see all VTubers and their fans!



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