VTube Token: Artworks & Memes contest

To celebrate our extremely successful launch, we are launching our very first community contest

One of the entries for our contest

Topics (Either one works):

  1. Memes about VTube Token (preferably Animemes and VTuber memes)
  2. Artwork for a VTUBE waifu


🥇1st Place: 2000 VTUBE

🥈2nd Place: 1000 VTUBE

🥉3rd Place: 500 VTUBE

🏆4th–10th places: 100 VTUBE

💖The best waifu artwork: +800 tokens

How to enter the contest:

Pick any path (Highly recommended to pick all!):

Path 1: @ our Twitter page with the hashtag #VTubeToken

Path 2: Post in our Telegram server with the caption #submission

Path 3: Post it on the #submissions channel on our Discord


Saturday 20th March 00:00 AM UTC


  1. You must be following our Twitter handle
  2. You must tag three or more friends while making the submissions on Twitter
  3. You will not make the submissions too lewd.
  4. You must have a working BSC address
  5. Multiple entries by the same person are allowed (No duplicates tho)
  6. You will share this post on Twitter by retweeting our official account

Note: Please keep your Twitter and Telegram DMs open so the team can reach out to you

Our community talent hunt is accepting applications: https://forms.gle/mjiWtm6jWagCMRyD7



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VTube Token

VTube Token

We have created this project for making a coin that will allow the Vtuber community, both content creators & fans alike, to utilize the blockchain.