VTube AMA #2

You guys asked us some questions and we will answer them!

Q. What is being done to increase the awareness of vtube token?

A. Soon

Q. What are the plans to increase liquidity to make larger investments more attractive?

A. There’s already the gacha and that has raised a lot of liquidity. More artworks in NFT farm = More people willing to add liq. We might also add some special events to raise liq. You can always add LP on your own too ^_^. PancakeSwap v2offers 0.25% of a transaction to LP providers.

Q. In the current market where faith in bsc tokens are low how do you plan on placing vtube above the rest when it comes to building trust in the token?

A. By actually building products on BSC, the home of animal and moon ponzis.

Q. What plans are there for to attract artists and vtubers? Has there been any more thought on a transaction tax for NFTs for IP holders and artists?

A. Crypto does place a huge barrier between people who don’t know about it. But there’s still a lot of talented people who do know about crypto. Hopefully, our growth helps summon a succubus. As for the second question, yes. As we improve the DApps we plan on adding a royalty system for artists and vtubers.

Q. How do you feel about making the donation interface more attractive to use, e.g. vtuber banners and/or links, ability to embed, help button?

A. Good ideas. An update was already planned but we will take the mentioned things into consideration.

Q. Does vtubetoken have a mascot?

A. No there isn’t one. But we will try to summon an IRL succubus

Q. Will there be any additional usecase for the VTUBE token beyond Donation %? Maybe incentives for artists or vtubers to hold them as well?

A. Yes. We are thinking of an ability to stake VTUBE to get some of the revenue generated by the platform.

Q. Please explain why you chose to make the NFT gacha with AI generated art.

A. Because it’s cool and we knew that would help raise liquidity for the project. It was very successful at doing that. It also caters to people who might be only interested in cute collectibles and helps to convert them into the church of shrimps.

Q. The vtube material has a lot of potential, and I think the system of donating coins to streamers is good. But what do you think of NFT’s plan for NFT use cases, which is not just for collection anymore?

A. We plan on more use-cases for the NFTs ranging from exclusive content released as NFTs, NFT rewards for donation thresholds, NFTs to access event Discords, etc. There’s a lot of room to grow in that region and we are always open to suggestions from the community.




We have created this project for making a coin that will allow the Vtuber community, both content creators & fans alike, to utilize the blockchain.

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VTube Token

VTube Token

We have created this project for making a coin that will allow the Vtuber community, both content creators & fans alike, to utilize the blockchain.

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