First VTube Token AMA

Compilation of the AMA

Q. How far along is the NFT logic?

A. Pretty much nothing so far. Q2 is the chunk where most of NFT work will be done, hope to launch beta by Q2 end.

Q. Best holo?

A. Sakura Mi

Q. How will NFTs work-peko?

A. NFTs will work like most NFTs usually do. Some nice things to look forward to is fee reduction using our Tokens and Fee redistribution to LP Providers (Might do some things for token holders too). Think of fee reduction like how Binance reduces fees if you pay them in BNB. When we start to get bigger partnerships, we will make them buy our tokens and burn the tokens or LP as a method of signing up. Partnership costs will be variable depending upon the size of VTuber / VTube agency

Q. How will you get normies on board and when do you plan on using the advertising money?

A. normies onboarding will start to sip in slowly during Q2 while the app is being made. Marketing recruitments will also be happening parallel.Except for big push in marketing once the beta is launched. Just like BOG, I plan to lock tokens (amount TBD) and keep a donations wallet so community members can help out if it’s absolutely required.

Q. How much communication do you have with Bog about BogTools?

A. Many of our top wallets are part of BOG top wallets. I have helped in development of TG bots for BOG. If BOG succeeds in their roadmap, we might do partnerships with them. I don’t remember their roadmap by heart but I remember seeing stuff about random number generator. If they manage a RNG system, we could use to make a gacha/lootbox style NFT system. And of course once their charting launches, we will try to launch on them.

Q. Do you have any marketing plan? I know still new token but we need more ppl to know this coin.

A. As I said above marketing will be dripping in Q2 and full scale in Q3. Considering how well BOG did, we might employ some of their shills. However, our audience is more of a gamey/artsy/fun rather than BOG was has a technical role to play in the BSC ecosystem

Q. What is in the future in regards to Reddit? Will we have to keep ship-shape, or can we stay as (relatively) degenerate as our origin? Any way to possibly streamline the process of obtaining Vtube to new friends that are interested, but scared of trying something so new to them that’s also volatile with FUD?

A. Subreddit has been claimed (don’t search for name, it’s on a different name). When it drops, it’s going to be a popcorn party. We will do a chart/infographic on how to buy BNB and use pancake to swap.(Highly speculative and Q3 stuff: smol vtubers/youtube personalities hired for making a tutorial video)

Q. Who has access to the marketting and advertising wallet?

A. Me

Q. Do you have plans to lock up or make the marketing wallet a multisig?

A. I might lock at max 50% of team tokens but 50% will be kept for airdrop or shill purposes (Will not sell tokens unless ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY) Funds are safu. I may look into multi sig wallets but don’t expect a multi sig wallet any time soon. Even a concrete team hasn’t formed yet.

Q. What can VTubers do with this token?

A. You can partner with us. Initially we will offer free partnerships to smol vtubers and med vtubers. Free as in no money for listing/creating your NFTs on our platform. Taxation on the transactions of your NFTs will still apply

Q. If I understand your goals correctly, would it be more correct to call this project a DAO? Something like “Vtuber Appreciation DAO”

A. Good name but the current info with community governance and stuff is not the main goal. The main goal is NFTs and making fat green stacks

Q. Any roadmaps?

A. Roadmap should be coming this week. ETA unknown. I will start going through the google form responses tomorrow

Q. I know it is too early to ask but will you plan to list any exchange this token?

A. Duh. Having CEX listings will allow for more people to buy this. CEX listings and discussions will start happening after Q2

Q. What’s your main plan for weaving the appeal of Vtubers into this token perse. Would it be along the lines of NFTs, or hell even making a fucking vtube channel lmao. I just wonder whats poppin around in the brains of the devs to capitalize on the yummy vtuber girls.

A. Main appeal is the NFTs of course We might have popularity contest sort of thing where members vote for their VTubers using tokens and the pot money gets donated to the winners. it will help to advertise while also a fun activity for the community.

Q. What color is the panties of the Vtube mascot

A. Mascots are TBD

Q. What do you expect this entire thing to reach?

A. Big honestly. If we get gacha style NFT system up and running, I except this to explode. Especially in Asia where market for cute vtubers and gacha is HUGE and I mean HUGE. Binance is #1 across the globe so buying BNB to use for token purchases and NFTs will be easy

Q. Is there any plans for a streamlabs kinda thing for vtubers to use or was this addressed earlier.

A. By streamlabs you mean donations in VTUBE tokens? I might look into it

Q. What are your credentials?

A. Shitcoin gambler

Q. (Asking about dev’s personal info)

A. No info about me matters expect my wallet and how I take your money to new heights.

Q. Do you foresee any issues with copyright when it comes to dealing with vtuber’s IPs?

A. I plan to swiftly change the art on the website.

Q. Do you have any artists already on board?

A. Artists have applied yes. Recruitment details will be coming over the week

Q. Any plans to have a public team/figure for PR purposes such that there is a face for agencies to reach out to?

A. Eventually yes

Q. Will the person who made the community artwork get a copy of the NFT?

A. You will get portion of tax fees too

Q. Any outreach yet to Asian crypto communities?

A. will be part of marketing mostly community-based shilling for now

Q. Will there be animetiddies NFTs?

A. Might have after dark NFT market but that will come afterwards once established at least

Q. Will this AMA get compiled into a Medium post?

A. :)

New Announcement: Roadmap will drop at the same time as the results of Artwork contest winners (Saturday 00:00 AM UTC)




We have created this project for making a coin that will allow the Vtuber community, both content creators & fans alike, to utilize the blockchain.

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VTube Token

VTube Token

We have created this project for making a coin that will allow the Vtuber community, both content creators & fans alike, to utilize the blockchain.

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