Do Anime Girls Dream Of Crypto Simps?

Welcome to the Season One of our wAIfu Projekt

NFTs have been the rage in the world of Cryptocurrency this season. Being able to tokenize assets in the form of Non Fungible Tokens has proven out to be a huge success.

GANs are the frontline of innovations in the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Industry. Being able to generate beautiful works of art have put Asimov’s scene in I, Robot to shame.

We decided to combine these two products in the form of wAIfu Projekt. It’s one of the first such projects on BSC and definitely the most beautiful one. Combined with our world’s first VTuber NFT Marketplace, we believe that this project will be a huge success. Who doesn’t enjoy Anime Girls, AI, and some good ol’ RNG?

So how do you manage randomness in a public blockchain? We rely on BogRNG, an on-chain verifiable randomness oracle on Binance Smart Chain. This ensures that our users get the fairest RNG for their rolls.

You can try out the wAIfu Projekt on our website here

May the odds be ever in your favor



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