A VTube Agent’s Thoughts

“Let me explain VTUBE and what problem that has plagued the entire vtuber industry Adi has managed to solve with blockchain.

In our world, Intellectual Property rights determine who gets paid for a certain piece of work. On YouTube, this means that all revenue from official work gets given to the IP holder, and all derivative/fanworks are demonetised or monetised only for the IP holder. This isn’t ideal or fair for the fan artist, but there’s no scalable solution for them to be paid appropriately.

VTubeToken partners directly with artists and Vtubers and acts as a trustless third party for equal distribution of royalties. It was previously impossible for a Vtuber or agency to get a royalty from artists who illegally sell fanart of their IP, so they would opt to take legal action or issue takedown requests instead. However now with the utilisation of NFTs, artists can sell their fanart of partnered vtubers through the VTUBE platform as NFTs and profit off their own work, and vtubers/agencies will also be able to get an appropriate royalty for the use of their IP.

This means that VTUBE allows VTubers to profit off fanart, and artists to profit off fanart as well, which was previously IMPOSSIBLE. Fans of vtubers or artists would be able to buy or farm the NFT using VTUBE tokens, hence being able to claim ownership of “official fan art” as well as support their favourite vtuber or artist through the platform.

This means that the usage of the platform will snowball once more and more vtubers opt to use the platform as a new monetisation stream. Likewise, having more and more skilled artists sell fanart of their favourite vtubers will bring along an audience who would gladly spend money to buy a piece of “official fanart” and have it immortalised as an NFT.

Right now, they only have 1 vtuber officially partnered, and a couple of amateur artists partnered. However if they manage to get onboard some higher profile vtubers OR artists, then it’s only a matter of time before it becomes THE platform for monetisation of fan content in the entire vtuber industry.”

If you are interested in working with us, please join our Discord or Telegram channels. Or shot us a DM on Twitter

Discord: https://discord.gg/Ycr2g7kMg6

Twitter: https://twitter.com/VtubeToken

Telegram: https://t.me/vtube_token

Our NFTs are now live on Unifty

We have created this project for making a coin that will allow the Vtuber community, both content creators & fans alike, to utilize the blockchain.

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VTube Token

VTube Token

We have created this project for making a coin that will allow the Vtuber community, both content creators & fans alike, to utilize the blockchain.

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